$5 FITNESS, $5 NUTRITION … NO HASSLES!       Easy Parking, Exceptional Instructors, & Beautiful Space!

Did you know CF has exercise classes AND NOW NUTRITION COACHING for Women AND Men of all fitness levels?! And a Snap Fitness drop-in option! 


 Click HERE for Nutrition Coaching Page and info! New for 2020!


*** IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES, SNAP FITNESS IN FARMINGTON IS ALSO AN OPTION FOR CF CLASS ATTENDEES (AND SPOUSES)! For either a $5 walk-in fee or a punch on your CF punchcard, you may use their facilities during their above staffed hours!


Our classes are appropriate for most ages and fitness levels-Women AND Men! Our regular group exercise classes have a minimum age requirement of 10.  We have many double generation (& even triple generation class participants) because your CF instructors show how each class can be modified to fit your level.  We do, however, suggest that you check with your physician before starting any type of exercise program.  We make group exercise fun so you keep coming back…which life are you designing? Remember, we all start somewhere! the trick is to START and then CONTINUE! At CF, we make it easy to stay with it!