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At CF every class on our schedule is just $5 (NO STRINGS ATTACHED)!  You can buy your CF Punchcard ($50 for 11 classes to use anytime) online now or before Zumba classes! UNLIMITED Monthly Membership is also $50 or $75 for two household members. Details here











Canandaigua Fitness…Home of the $5 fitness classes with No Hassles…If you are looking for premium fitness classes at prices that won’t break the bank, then you are at the right place.  We offer a wide variety of group exercise classes for BOTH WOMEN AND MEN with extremely flexible (no pun intended) payment optionsZUMBA®, Kettlebell Amp’d, HIIT, Gutts & Butts, ZUMBA Toning®, and R.E.D. Warrior!  We encourage you to drop in to any class when you can to try. Even 30 min of exercise a day is beneficial!  Come when your schedule allows, not necessarily at the beginning of each class.



Canandaigua Fitness instructors are certified in their areas of expertise, fully insured, well respected in our community, and teach in large, group exercise spaces with a/c and great parking.  In addition to the perfect mix of group exercise classes, we also have a $5 drop-in or CF punchcard/UNLIMITED CF Member arrangement for a weight machine option at Snap Fitness for those interested in pumping iron with pin loaded machines. In-home personal training sessions are available upon request, as well!

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With every class on our schedule*, you have the option of dropping in for $5, using our punch card (11 classes for $50), or becoming a CF UNLIMITED member for $50/month ($75 for 2 family members in same household) to receive unlimited classes. For your convenience, you may purchase a punchcard or UNLIMITED membership online here now!


Have you ever been to Wegmans or to a restaurant where you just felt your check out person or waiter truly loved his or her job? Not only were they efficient, but you knew they put their all into being there at that moment with you in that line or at that table? Well this is exactly what Canandaigua Fitness is all about. We put our all into each and every class and truly love what we do. There is a difference between mediocrity and excellence.  We strive for the latter… and it shows…in every class!

There is a sense of community built into our classes that is infectious. The instruction is top notch, but perhaps it is this “connectedness” that keeps our following strong and keeps YOU coming back to the classes. Even if you are brand new to group exercise classes, check us out.  It doesn’t take long to get to know each other and it does a body good…on the inside and out! This is one addiction that is good for you!

We also have many fun social events b/c let’s face it…we all deserve it! 

THANK YOU!  We all love teaching you and thank you for supporting our efforts to offer Canandaigua Fitness classes that the community can just drop in to when right for you.  Canandaigua Fitness…good for the Body, Mind, and Soul!


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