As your Nutrition Coach, my goal is to EDUCATE YOU on the in’s & out’s of nutrition so that you can live a healthy and energized life. Each month, you’ll receive knowledge that I hope you’ll turn into wisdom (and eventually intuition) so that it becomes second nature to eat healthy on your own! You’ll also have access to unlimited texting to ask me questions as they come up because situations always arise that you will need coaching and additional motivation with. I’m here to help you help yourself to be a disciplined and healthy person. You can’t help the loved ones in your life until you help and love yourself enough to lead an energized, healthy life.

profile pic me san diego zoomI was blessed to learn at a young age (21) how to eat healthy by attending lectures, yearly seminars and hygienic retreats with Dr. William Esser, acclaimed food combining physician and nutritionist from Ft. Worth, Florida. I have been eating this way ever since and have been acquiring up to date information on the topic frequently because it is part of what makes me an energetic and self-motivated person. Most recently, I received my certification to be a Nutritional Coach and am excited to help others know what it is like to eat to live instead of live to eat! *I do not sell any supplements or products because I believe you can get your nutrition simply from making right food choices…so I offer coaching on how to do just this. You don’t need to shop anywhere other than your local grocery store. My goal is to educate you to make right choices daily.


SIGN UP NOW (on payment page here!)  You can sign up for one month at a time but this is designed as a twelve month program. YOU MAY SIGN UP ANYTIME and you’ll receive your first lesson after signing up so you can start living healthier immediately!

$20/month, only, to live a healthy life! THAT’S JUST $5 A WEEK!  SIGN UP HERE NOW! 

Text (585)298-0116 or (727)313-0619 in Florida if you have questions. This step by step program is comprised of ongoing education, motivation and communication to help you make the right food choices and have discipline. You will never be asked to buy anything additional as far as meal plans or supplements go. This program is to help you become Independently HEALTHY! Again, please text any questions to me at(585)298-0116! I look forward to helping you! 🙂 

You will receive your first nutrition lesson after you sign up! And then every month a new lesson will be emailed or texted to you with knowledge and PRACTICAL TO DO LISTS so you can incorporate your learning into your day to day life! Ideally, the program starts in January but you can start anytime as you will receive monthly lessons in a specific order. Find “Nutrition Coaching with Donna” on Facebook! 

Nutrition Lessons:
Month 1: Two Most Important Nutrients
Month 2: Proteins
Month 3: Carbs
Month 4: Temptations
Month 5: Fats
Month 6: Omegas
Month 7: Food Combining
Month 8: More on Food Combining
Month 9: In The Raw
Month 10: Seeds!
Month 11: Portion Control
Month 11: Plant Based Living!

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LIFE COACHING w/ Donna: Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Much of the stress in our life is avoidable if we learn to shift our perspective. There are many techniques that we have in abundance at our own disposal  – we just have to learn how to go within to harness this inner strength. By appointment only. Please text (585)298-0116 or (727) 313-0619 in Florida.