Meet Your Instructors

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD ENERGY! INSPIRATION IS CONTAGIOUS! Come to class! Text (585)298-0116 or (727)313-0619 with questions!

Image-1Donna Bennett has her BS in Engineering & Management and her MBA in Marketing and has been certified to teach for over 15 years!  She currently teaches 3D (on Mondays/Thursdays Live (5:30pm) and on zoom (by request)!  She also teaches Serious Sculpting and FatBurn 20/20 (Tues/Wed at NOON on Zoom – Wednesdays are 9:30am latter half of each month both live and zoom)!  And Saturday mornings she teaches a Risen Shine, Feel Divine! (Pilates based) class! She specializes in giving people confidence in themselves because she believes everyone has ability to push themselves harder!  Donna is also certified in Nutrition which is part of our wellness offering! Click here to learn more about her (affordable) nutrition coaching!  One thing you’d never guess about Donna? She is a (very) reformed junk food junkie! Um, I don’t think she’s going back…

Welcome back, Jamie Buttaccio! Jamie subbed for us several times in last and also gave us the connection  that let you Kara instructing for us so we are grateful all around to have her! Nurture yourself by soothing your body and mind with gentle yoga poses and connection to your breath during Jamie’s Tuesday 5:15pm class! She may also be doing an occasional Sat morn class also!

Kara Horn’s Yoga is strongly influenced by the Bhagavad Gita and Pantanjali and is of more of the traditional longer held more relaxing posture type regimen. She focuses on stretching and connecting the mind, body, and spirit through postures and breathwork.Kara will sub for us when she can!

Crofton Celentano -ONE ON ONE TRAINING! Call or Text him at (585) 746-9561

Crofton has his A.S Science of Physical Education degree from SUNY Brockport and 5 years military experience.

At American Muscle, health is a lifestyle – and in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, all aspects of one’s life must be balanced. He provides the education and guidance to help you achieve your personal goals and the support to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  A message from American Muscle founder, Crofton Celentano:  My Art is my passion, my dream, my peace of mind, my love, it is what I was put here to do… Help people achieve their goals, lift others up whenever possible.

Crofton’s Website:

Coleen Avery is now retired from teaching but spends her time on her beautiful 33 acre property with her horses, Luke and Pixie, and her husband Stan! coleenonhorseWe walk a few times a month together and it is always just like old times! Once a soul sister…always a soul sister! <3!

Emily Madison sometimes subs and comes to us as a certified Zumba and WERQ (hip hop dance) professional. Her style is fun and energetic and she will get you moving Mondays/Thursdays 5:30pm as a sub!  She lives locally with her two small children and is a fabulous addition to our team!

No photo description available.Heather Ottnod is also subbing Zumba for Mondays/Thursdays 5:30! Get ready for some wild n crazy! She’s a super fun instructor. Some of you may remember her as the red flapper girl at a Halloween Zumbathon past! Welcome “Victor Zumba” Girl!