About Us

Our company and the idea of $5 drop in community classes was actually born in October of 2010.

Rachel BennettIn Sept of 2010, Donna found out her daughter Rachel had an eye disorder when she failed her Kindergarten vision screening test in one eye. Turns out her “good eye” was doing all the work b/c she had an obstruction of vessels in her weak eye that was causing her brain not to use that eye.  All babies have these vessels in vitro to transfer nutrients from mother to baby (kind of like an umbilical cord in the eye).  Normally, these dissipate within the first two months of life enabling vision to be clear.  For some reason, hers never did in that eye and the brain just learned not to “talk” to that eye anymore, favoring the strong one.  If left undetected too long, this can lead to blindness.  The treatment is to patch up the strong eye and force the brain to start using the weak eye.

Obviously, if this is detected early, vision improvement is more rapid.  In most US cities, preschools have vision tests to detect this kind of thing or most pediatric doctors check vision (covering one eye at a time) before age 5…but this wasn’t the case here.  So, in October of 2010, Donna decided to organize a fundraiser to bring preschool vision screening to Canandaigua Preschools.

She contacted Coleen Avery and they quickly broke down those self-imposed competitive barriers to successfully bring ongoing vision screenings to our area preschools!  Coleen & Donna worked so well together on this that they decided to carve out one night a week to teach a drop-in community class together.  It was wildly successful so they added another night…and the rest is history.  Now, we have other instructors and classes and are thriving!


We believe that wellness is comprised of body, mind, and soul components.  Have a comment, question or something you’d like to share? Please text Donna Bennett at (585)298-0116 or (727) 313-0619 in Florida.